How To Visit Lumi i Shales – What To Know For Seeing Shala River Albania

Do you want to visit the Shala River in Albania? Chances are, you have seen the stunning Lumi i Shales on social media. In English, it’s called Shala River, so you might see it go by either name, but it’s the same place.

Lumi i Shales is a river deep in the heart of northern Albania. Because of the lush vegetation and jagged mountains, it reminds some of Asia.

The clear, mesmerizing blue waters are the main draw for tourists and have earned the Shala River the nickname “Thailand of Albania.” If you’re in a hurry, check out the available tours and transport options for the Shala River.


Why Visit Shala River?

There are a lot of amazing destinations in northern Albania, but many people don’t know about them yet.

Shala River is a great example of how beautiful, remote, and wild this region can be. Here are a few things to know about why you should visit Lumi i Shales!


Albania is still developing its infrastructure. When tourists come to visit, they feel this a lot with things like transport.

Visiting the Shala River is one of the more convenient destinations because many tour companies arrange bus and boat transport together.

This means you don’t have to worry about matching up times or doing any research. If you’re coming from Tirana, you can arrange a trip to Lumi i Shales here.


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